How can you check where your site is ranking

There are many ways you can go about checking to see where your site is ranking within the search engines. First and foremost you can simply go to each search engine and search for given keyword that you want your site to rank for. You can then scroll to the serps to see what page is found on. This can be extremely tedious and time-consuming so it is not one of the ways I recommend you go about doing so. One thing you must take into consideration when doing this is the fact that you must be in a private browser. Internet Explorer has they are in private browsing and Google Chrome has their incognito window. The reason why you want to do this is due to the fact that when you are in these browsers they do not save your cookies. What this means is when you go to a search string such as Miami chiropractor and you click on a site that is found on the eighth page then the search engine will realize that that is the page you are looking for. So the next time you search that search string the page might show up on page 6 and then on page 3 and then on page 2 and then on page 1 and then it might be ranking number one on page 1 because the search engine knows that that is the site you are wishing to look for because of the cookies you have within that browser. So when you use a in private browser it does not save those cookies so the website you are looking for will continuously be placed within the search engines where it is for a search for that search term from any user on the web. This is a bit confusing to understand but once you implement it you will understand how this works.Track Your Rankings

A second way you can go about searching ranking is due a ranking aggregator. What this is a third-party company that will allow you to place the keyword you are looking for a given URL and then it will go and crawl the web every day and send you a report as to where your site is ranking and how it moved within the serps for that given day. These are very good because it allows you to track the movement over many months and years as well as on a day-to-day basis to see how the links you have been building are affecting your rankings. This can also help you see if your site may have been penalized because you will see a dramatic drop in rankings thus alarming you to go and check your Webmaster tools and other elements of the site such as the recent links you of Bill and if those links are penalized or not. These third-party ranking aggregators are very useful but they can also be very expensive. I personally know somebody who is actively keeping track of over 10,000 different keywords and he pays over $2000 a month to keep track of all of these keywords from a specific rank tracking aggregator. There are of course cheaper alternatives to this but he does not want to take the time to move all of these keywords over to a new aggregator because it will be extremely time-consuming and have the potential for mistakes to be made which could be detrimental to the success of his business. In regards to this person he has some websites that make over $50,000 a month through affiliate commissions so the time energy and resources needed for him to move these keywords to a new link aggregator would not be worth his time in regards to return on investment.

These are just a few ways you can go about actively checking to see where your site ranks within the search engines. I personally use a technique that incorporates both of them because often times the third party rank trackers are off depending on if you are searching for a local site or a nation or global wide site. For example if I am building a new link to a webpage I will often times go to the serps and see which given keyword string has the lowest placement within the search engines and then I will hit that anchor text or a variation of that anchor text to help influence search engines to move that page up within the serps. You also must take into consideration that often times when you hit a website with an exact match keyword it will drop within the search engines for a minute which can be terrifying at times but often times it will rebound higher and stronger than it was before you place a link on that page. This is something that also must be taken into consideration with the rank trackers because you can often times see massive dips such as a -20+ move which can be very scary but then in a few days you will see a +20 move to see if you would hit that exact match anchor text again which could give them a red flag that you are actively manipulating links to your website.