How to perform search engine optimization properly

There are many ways you can go about performing search engine optimization and of course there is a wrong way and there is a correct way to do so. One of the first things you want to keep in mind while performing search engine optimization for a website of your own or a website of the clients is the fact that the search engines are robots and they can only read the information you provide them, you must make sure to provide them very clear information so that they are not confused because if you confuse the search engines than your search engine optimization campaign will be extremely difficult to successfully complete and it opens up many areas for air is to occur. This means that you want to make sure that all of your information is clear across the board and you are not having information that is contradicting to each other because of this can cause great disorder with in the search engines and in turn can greatly harm a website you are working on. This can clearly be seen in websites that are ranking on the further pages in the serps. All you need to do is use an aggregator to look at the links that they have built to their site and point out the areas in which they have gone wrong. Generally they will have a lot of blog comments, citations, directories, and exact keyword anchor text. Of course you want to have exact match keyword anchor text when building out links or receiving links to your website but you do not want to have them in a ratio that is unrealistic. The search engines go off realism and if you have an unrealistic number of links pointing to your site with the exact match to one another in regards to the spelling, the spacing, the symbols, or any other factors that make them exactly identical to one another this is considered unrealistic.

If your site has been dubbed to be unrealistic a few things will happen. One thing that could happen is you will simply be demoted within the search engines rankings. This is hands down the best thing that could happen because all you need to do at this point is simply go through and dilute your anchor text ratio. This can be done by building links or receiving links from sites that have your brand name in them. This will help to dilute your anchor text and you can also take into consideration the fact that you can receive generic links from other sites that have anchor text such as website, link, click here, or any other variation of this type of link. This will help to dilute your anchor text and will help you to move back up with in the search engines once complete. The next thing that could happen to your site if you have been found to have an over optimization of linking is a penalty. Several things could happen with penalty. Your site could be completely removed from the search engines and there is no way for you to get it back in the search engines once you receive one of these penalties. These are generally referred to as a peer spam penalty. There is another type of penalty that you can get which is called unnatural linking. This is when the search engines a manual review team has manually reviewed your site and has realized that you are building the links and pointing them to your own site to power up your site and movement within the search engines. If you are found to have done this they will penalize your site and you must ask them to do a review of your site and plead with them that you were not the individual building these links to your site and you have been spammed by a competitor. Generally they will want you to disavow these links which if you have built can be harmful to those links but is something that must be done if you want to keep that website.

Finally taking into consideration these links you want to make sure that you build these links out properly and you have them on various IP addresses. The reason why you want to have them on various IP addresses is largely due to the fact that having countless links pointing to one website from the same IP address extremely unrealistic. This is because there are so many various hosting accounts with various IP’s on and that is extremely unrealistic to have more than one link coming from one IP address pointing to one website. This is something that happened a few years ago when the search engines such as Google went through and did a mass eradication of these types of websites with this type of linking. I personally have a friend who lost over $1 million during this private blog network eradication event. Another contributing factor that helped this happen to him was the fact that the hosting company stated that they had all of their sites on different IP addresses which they did but they did not cover up a footprint which helped the search engines find the culprits associated with this hosting company. Another way that search engines can easily find this is through the use of opening up an account themselves. They can simply join this hosting company and see how they operate, get their inner workings, and then eradicate all the sites within that hosting company’s network. These are just a few things you must keep in mind when performing search engine optimization and a few of the things you must remember to perform it properly.